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Design & Renovate

 - A true, Artistic expression -


Design is the first step in any process.  Artistic will transform your space digitally with careful execution before renovations begin.  Well planned and well executed design provides the first step to estimating and detailed construction.

Step by step, Artistic will help. 

demo overlay.JPG

Plan View 

Artistic will sketch and measure your project, then draw it digitally.  This gives you an as-is starting point.  We then layer the proposed layout so that you can see what stays, and what moves.  This helps provide a detailed road map for construction and cost.

3D Renderings

This phase allows you to feel what the new space will be.  By importing color selections, material concepts and furniture, Artistic provides you with a digital walk through of the space.

material selection.JPG

Material Selection

Coordinating colors and materials, while balancing scope, budgeting and lead times allows for the project to come in on time, and in budget.  Beautifully coordinated plans, make for beautiful spaces.


Carefully planned, we contain areas of the home that aren't being touched.  This preserves a clean construction and livable site. Artistic will help schedule the process so that your family can live in ease as your renovations commence.



Artistic utilizes the design plan and their expertise to bring your home to life.  Detailed finishes, hand crafted quality, and coordinated materials will make your home shine.

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